Dec. 28, 2021
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LiLz Gauge, an AI visual inspection system based on LTE camera with 3 years of battery life, to be showcased at CES Unveiled and CES 2022

LiLz Gauge promises to significantly reduce costs of daily inspections.

LAS VEGAS (Dec. 28, 2021) – At CES® Unveiled (Jan. 3) and CES 2022 (Jan. 5-8), LiLz Inc., an Okinawa-based company specializing in AI and IoT solutions for fieldwork operations, will showcase LiLz Gauge, an inspection system that combines low-power IoT cameras and machine learning to automate visual inspection of measuring instruments. LiLz Gauge is based on cameras that feature LTE connectivity and 3 years long battery life, making the system easy to deploy in locations that lack access to Wi-Fi and electricity.


Images captured by cameras are sent to the cloud, where AI algorithms are used to extract measurements values. When located close to each other, multiple instruments can be inspected with a single camera, further driving up cost effectiveness. APIs can be used to export data from LiLz Gauge to client’s existing information management systems.

“Gauge instruments inspection efforts constitute a major burden on companies that manage facilities. Though IoT devices, such as smart meters, promise to solve this problem, they often require access to power supply and Wi-Fi network to operate, limiting areas in which they can be deployed, and create a new issue of integrating data from different smart sensors. LiLz Gauge solves all these problems, making remote inspections possible in locations that other solutions are not able to cover,” LiLz President & CEO Keigo Onishi said. “We are very excited to introduce this solution at CES 2022.”

Exhibit of LiLz Gauge

CES Unveiled(Mandalay Bay Convention Center「Shoreline Exhibit Hall」) — Jan. 3
J-Startup Pavilion (Booth #:62102, Eureka Park) — Jan. 5-8
ShowStoppers (Wynn Hotel -Crystal Ballroom) — Jan. 5

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About LiLz LiLz combines machine learning and IoT technologies to reduce fieldwork operations efforts. Around the world, much of the work supporting our society is done out in the field. This type of work is typically labor intensive, thus at risk of being affected by declining workforce numbers. Our mission is to lessen the burden of our clients' fieldwork operations. We firmly believe that a tight integration of hardware and software is needed to achieve this goal. As the first step towards realizing our vision we developed LiLz Gauge, which combines low-power IoT cameras and machine learning to automate visual inspection of measuring instruments. We released “LiLz Gauge” in June 2020, and our clients' feedback shows that the product significantly simplified their day to day operations. LiLz is also working to add sound inspection (LiLz Sound) to its remote inspection system, and developing technology for rapid counting of objects (LiLz Count).

About CES CES is one of the world’s largest technology trade shows that takes place annually in Las Vegas. CES 2021 made history by bringing together more than 2,000 companies, including 700 startups online – a scale unheard of for all-digital events. CES will return to Las Vegas in 2022 while also holding digital exhibitions. At CES 2020 held prior to the new coronavirus pandemic, 4,600 companies showcased 20,000 new products and services.