LiLz Gauge to be showcased at automatica
Jun. 3, 2022

AI charged visual inspections via LTE camera, to be showcased at automatica.

LiLz Gauge promises to significantly reduce costs of daily inspections.

At automatica (June. 21 - June. 24), LiLz Inc., an Okinawa-based company specializing in AI and IoT solutions for fieldwork operations, will showcase LiLz Gauge, an inspection system that combines low-power IoT cameras and machine learning to automate visual inspection of measuring instruments. LiLz Gauge is based on cameras that feature LTE connectivity and 3 years long battery life, making the system easy to deploy in locations that lack access to Wi-Fi and electricity.

We are looking forward to seeing you at automatica in Munich!

Exhibit of LiLz Gauge

Smart Maintenance Pavilion (Hall B6.524) — June. 21-June. 24