Solution for remote inspections

LiLz Gauge automates daily visual inspections in locations with no power nor network supply using ultra-low power IoT cameras and machine learning.

LiLz Gauge
No power nor network supply needed
LiLz Gauge automates daily visual inspections in locations with no power nor network supply. Based on LiLz Cam, cameras that have built in LTE connectivity and 3 years of battery life, and AI algorithms that predict measurements values from captured images, LiLz Gauge dramatically cuts on time required for visual inspections.
*1 The continuous operation time of LiLz Cam varies depending on the shooting frequency, installation environment, shooting resolution, etc.
battery life
LED flash light
Flexible set up
Monitor multiple gauges with single camera
A single camera can be used to monitor multiple gauges at no additional cost. Gauges measurements are automatically extracted from images using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, and results can be easily verified and corrected if needed.
*2 The reading accuracy is not guaranteed to be 100%.
Gauge reading algorithms
Circle type
Circle type
Rectangle type
Rectangle type
7-segment type
7-segment type
Counter type
Counter type
Level type
Level type
Float type
Float type
Lamp type
Lamp type
Easy integration via API
Data captured by LiLz Gauge can be pulled into existing equipment maintenance systems via API.
About LiLz Gauge

Facility management companies need to perform visual inspections daily, spending significant time to visit all inspected locations. These businesses would like to improve their efficiency by introducing IoT devices, but as most field locations lack power supply and network connectivity, existing IoT solutions fail to meet their requirements.

LiLz Gauge is a cloud service that utilizes ultra-low power consumption IoT cameras and machine learning to enable easy remote visual inspections of analog gauges. Many machine learning-based systems require significant data preparation effort upfront. LiLz Gauge is based on a mixture of deep learning and classical computer vision, and doesn’t require customers to annotate large amounts of data.


About LiLz Cam

LiLz Cam

We are planning to release intrinsically safe version of LiLz Cam, our ultra-low power consumption IoT camera, in 2023.

  • Available globally from 2023
  • Ex ic IIC T4 Gc
  • Ex ic IIIC T135℃ Dc
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • LTE-M/BLE, 5M pixel, IP65

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Target industries

Target industries

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Through our LiLz Cam, we offer extensive expertise to ensure comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process – from the initial setup to the operation of the system – all while addressing your specific on-site requirements. We are happy to assist you to kickstart your digital transformation journey. Please feel free to reach out to us!
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